There is a new book you might want to read while navigating through life. This book might just be something you need in your collection.

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Reading has become somewhat of a hobby of mine over the last few years. I love a good autobiography or memoir from a living person. Those can be a really great read if the content is authentic without "holding back." Occasionally I'll read a book about overcoming obstacles but self-help books are not for me.

Why Read A Book? That's so 1990.

When you dedicate 20-30 minutes of actually reading and not scrolling through social media you might realize how much time is being wasted on social media platforms. Not to mention the garbage subconsciously filling your brain.

The guy is reading an electronic book underwater.


I can think of very few circumstances when it would be rude to read a book But, whether physical or in digital form, reading a book is almost always acceptable. If you're more into audio and less actual reading there are a bazillion options for audiobooks on your phone. The downfall I've experienced with audiobooks is annoying voices which is why I prefer physical copies of books. To be honest, the voice in my head can be annoying at times too.

Here are some of my favorite books... they're not that exciting except a few are signed by the author.

JB Love, Townsquare Media
JB Love, Townsquare Media

(Note: the "shelf" the books are sitting on is a yet-to-be refinished radio cabinet from the 1940s.)

I wanted to blink and to have found
Myself, but
If I had done that,
I would not be me.

- H. G. Johnson

Ten Years' Time

H. G. Johnson via Amazon
H. G. Johnson via Amazon

A Rockford woman's book isn't a memoir or choose-your-own-adventure book, it's poetry. This book consists of poems about real-life realities and getting through everything that come along with it. The author, H. G. Johnson explains it much better than I can.

Ten Years' Time is a debut collection of poems exploring the realities of personal growth. In a society filled with quick fixes and overnight glow ups, Ten Years’ Time slows down to show you the nitty gritty truth of what last change often requires: good days, bad days and space to hold everything in between.

Before hitting up Amazon, check out her reaction to learning her book is one of Amazon's best sellers.

Buy your own $15 copy here and check out her social channels here.

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