It all started with 12 year old Mathew Flores asking his local mailman, Ron Lynch, if he had any extra junk mail. Now, millions of views later, Mathew's story is filling his home with books.

From 7 on Line:

Mathew Flores is a typical 12-year-old boy. He love LEGOs, and he also loves to read.

"I just usually read the newspapers," he said.

Mathew can also get lost in what most of us consider junk mail. That's what he was doing when Ron Lynch saw him last week as he delivered mail for the Sandy Post Office in Utah. 

Wait...he wasn't looking for electronics? Video games and such? Nope.

"A young man was standing here reading junk mail," he said. "Asked me if I had any extra."

Lynch found out Mathew reads newspapers because he doesn't have any books.

"I asked him about going to the library, and he said he couldn't afford the bus pass," Lynch said.

Mathew's situation tugged at Lynch's heartstrings. 

So, when your heartstrings are touched, you head for Facebook. Then, it takes off from there:

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