A few dollars here and there could make a huge difference for one Rockford teacher.

Mrs. Berg is a middle school teacher at the Rockford Environmental Science Academy and needs all of our help to get the right books in her classroom.

She choose, Donors Choose, to create a page for donations.

Each year, Mrs. Berg's 6th grade students must complete a biography research project, but her students face a challenge. They read a few grade levels lower than the books that they have access to, and so this project is always a huge struggle for them, as opposed to a chance for them to learn and grow.

Mrs. Berg came across a book series, "Who Was...?" that she thinks her students will be able to comprehend, enjoy and learn from, but needs our help getting the books in her classroom.

She began hoping for $240.18, but with some donations, she's down to looking for $160.18.

The coolest part is that on her donation page, she itemized the books she's planning to purchase, so that as donators, we can see exactly how the money will be spent and what books she'll buy. From Frida Kahlo to Robert E. Lee, Joan of Arc to Wayne Gretzky, each book is roughly $5, which it very doable for many of us who might consider donating.

Her goal is to collect all the money by July 23, and if she does the books will be ready for next school year. If she doesn't reach her goal, no money will be donated and the donation page will close.

I'm in. Maybe I'll see if my money can go toward, "Who Was Marie Antoinette?" She's the one who wanted people to eat cake, right?

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