My dad is a huge Stephen King fan and as I was growing up there almost always was a King novel on the end table near his recliner. I tried a few times to read a couple titles, but found I liked the movies based on his books a little better. I've seen "Christine," "Misery," and even "Firestarter" more times than I can count.

Author Max Booth III took on the (relatively) tough challenge of summarizing the plot of every Stephen King book in 140 characters or less. And that's a lot of books to cover over what's been a lengthy career.

Mark Mainz, Getty Images
Mark Mainz, Getty Images

One thing that sticks out is how prolific the guy has been. I mean, four books in 1987 alone? There are a couple of other years in which he's released three novels. What, is he just mad-libbing these things at some point?

Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from the piece:

Carrie (1974)
The tale of a brave girl with telekinesis taking the ice water challenge during prom.

Cujo (1981)
Dogs are [jerks].

The Running Man (1982)
Television producers are [jerks].

It (1986)
Small town kids join together to battle evil and then celebrate by having a sewer orgy.

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