If you happened to see random red balloons around the city yesterday, a Rockford man was behind it.

But why?

WREXcaught up with Ovidio Aldana the man who's responsible for tying random red balloons to the sewer grates around the city yesterday.

It's all in part of his excitement for the new release of Steven's King "It" in theaters weekend.

Aldana is a huge fan of Stephen King and loved the 1990 original film.He said he thought it was "great way to promote the film ahead of its release this weekend."

Plus his hope was that the balloons would create a "mixture of fear, happiness and positivity," and that  it "[would make] people who look at it smile. some people may get a little creeped out".

Wow! Now that right there ladies and gentlemen is true, die hard dedicated fan.

He went around promoting a film on his own dime with his balloons.

I'm just glad he used balloons and not creepy clowns. I absolutely hate clowns.

So yes, this will be a film I will gladly miss seeing. Nope not a fan of horror flicks and definitely not of fan of horror flicks involving clowns.



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