Da coach is getting back into football. 

It was announced Tuesday that former Bears coach, Mike Ditka, was the new owner and chairman of the X League.

What's the X League? Great question.

NBCSports - X-League is a women's tackle football league that was originally founded as the Lingerie Football League. In 2009 they rebranded to the Legends Football League, and 10 years after that decided to again rebrand, this time calling it X-League. Now Mike Ditka owns it.

It sounds like they're trying to distance themselves from the former image of it being basically an underwear fashion show with some football thrown in. Actually decent football by the way.

The X League website is pretty bare as of now. The only thing that's really functional on it is the shop where you can get either an X League mask or a limited edition Mike Ditka X League shirt. 

One of the quotes from Mike in the video above is that this will be a "marathon not a sprint" so don't expect this to be a huge success right away.

Chicago does have a team, the Blitz, so I'm sure we'll get updates as soon as they're available.


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