If you're a Bulls fan of a certain age (over 30) you probably remember exactly where you were 20 years ago today. 

June 14, 1998, the Chicago Bulls clinched their 6th championship during the Jordan era.

I'd embed a video of the shot but my digital department is afraid of getting sued. I don't think it's that much of a risk but then again, I'm not paying the fine if we get in trouble. If you don't remember it just open another browser window and search "Jordan Last Shot Jazz", it will pop right up. I'll wait.

Pretty cool huh?

Now some would say that Jordan pushed Byron Russell away to free himself up for the game-winning shot. I would tell those people to shut up. Did he shove Russell? Absolutely. Does it matter? Not one bit. That was the perfect ending to one of the greatest careers the NBA has ever seen (I'm not getting into an MJ vs. Lebron debate here.)

I'm just glad that Mike knew to hang up the sneakers right after that shot. A storybook ending that you wouldn't believe if you saw it in a movie. He could have tarnished his image by flailing around the court as an over the hill player a few years later in another market. Maybe even on the east coast.

That would have sucked. Way to ride off into the sunset with your head held high Mike. You're the best.

P.S. In lieu of linking to the game footage, I'll leave this video here. This song should be stuck in your head for a few days now.

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