He's "America's Favorite Undocumented Anchorman" and this week the great Mark Steyn joined us on the show to discuss his brand new book, "The Undocumented Mark Steyn".

Unfortunately, we had business to take care of before we talked about the book. Mark is Canadian-born and retains his Canadian citizenship despite living in the U.S. most of the time. He appeared on Thursday's program, the day after the terror attack in Ottawa. We spent time talking about the shooting as well as the threat terrorism and radical Islam poses to all nations.

Mark's new book is a compilation piece titled "The Undocumented Mark Steyn":

The [Un]documented Mark Steyn rounds up some of Steyn's best work from the last quarter-century - from newspapers and magazines in London, New York, Toronto and beyond, from radio monologues on The Rush Limbaugh Show, and even from Mark's stage show. There's no Steyn anthology like this one, running the gamut from war and free speech and the nationalization of the family to Viagra and Kinder eggs and curly-fry light bulbs. Mark writes on Obama's composite girlfriends, Barbie in a burqa, and the war on jokes.

Mark Steyn is absolutely one of our favorite guests. And the only good thing about Rush taking days off his show is when I see that Mark is on the guest host roster.

Here's our full chat:

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