Riley & I really enjoyed our conversation this morning with Pulitzer Prize-winning Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens. This is a guy who has been on the ground in war zones and other dangerous conditions all across the globe. He's taken that knowledge and written a warning to U.S. leaders in Washington.

Bret's new book, "America In Retreat: The New Isolationism and the Coming Global Disorder," makes the case that there is a profound connection between the new global disorder and America’s diminishing international footprint. He says as Americans seek to withdraw from the world to tend to domestic problems, America’s adversaries spy opportunity.

The area of foreign policy will play a big role in the 2016 Election, and it will be especially interesting to see how the topic plays itself out during the GOP primary. We talked with Bret about that angle as well.

Here's our full conversation with Bret Stephens: