A junior at Hononegah High School launches his own publishing company to give kids a fair chance at success.

Omar Saulters is one incredibly smart and talented high school junior.

According to his KickStarter campaign, Omar wrote his first book when he was twelve-years-old and sent it out to publishers. Rejection letter after rejection letter began to flood his family's mailbox.

Upset and frustrated, Omar decided to do the most logical thing, start his own publishing company.

After all, why should he be rejected solely on the fact that he is so young. Art is art after all, isn't it?

Omar started Salted Art, his very own publishing company. He is looking to raise $15,000 to launch this dream off the ground.

One thing Omar has that many young entrepreneurs don't have is the Incubator Class at Hononegah High School. What the Incubator Class offers is access of mentors, professional coaches and experts in all fields of business management. This gives Omar an upper edge on becoming successful.

Omar is hoping to reach his $15,000 goal by May 1, 2016. With the donations, he hopes to revolutionize the publishing industry.

To see more of his KickStarter campaign, CLICK HERE.

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