The 3-time Stanley Cup champion (all with the Blackhawks) is officially in the NHL Hall of Fame. 

While Hossa's numbers are impressive, one has to wonder what else he could have done if his career hadn't been cut short by a rare skin disorder.

Wikipedia - Before the 2017–18 season, the Blackhawks revealed that Hossa was suffering from a progressive skin disorder and would miss the entire 2017–18 season while undergoing treatment.[50][51] The Blackhawks officially placed Hossa on long-term injured reserve on October 4.[52] In May 2018, Hossa stated he could no longer play professional hockey due to complications from his skin disorder.

The honor for one of the all-time Blackhawks falls on the 7th anniversary of what some consider the greatest moment in Blackhawk's history.

It's been a good day for Hawk fans.

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