Doing a news/talk radio show requires a lot of online time. Time spent reading news stories from multiple outlets, background research on hot topics, getting up-to-speed with anything and everything our audience might be interested in, etc.

It also requires a high degree of online self-discipline to avoid goofy, funny, or useless-but-fun websites that offer nothing more than the chance to kill some time.

I do not possess the aforementioned online self-discipline. Not even close. So, with that in mind, here's a few places to visit for no other reason than to slow your productivity to near zero.

  • It hurts my brain to watch this. But I did anyway.
  • Always been interested in exactly how dogs drink water? Me neither, but I still went here.
  • Who hasn't wondered what it would be like to slap someone with an eel?
  • Like koalas? Who doesn't? Want to wear a hole in your desk with your mouse? Yeah.
  • This one is just plain strange.
  • It can't be the internet without some cats.
  • This one, I must point out, is stupid fun.
  • Had some online problems in the past? This will make you feel better about your own technical abilities.
  • And, of course, in cold weather like we're currently dealing with...this.
  • And finally, I didn't even know this existed.


There you go. We just wasted some time together.

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