Let me just share a meme I saw the other day that heavily described how I feel about shopping during the pandemic. Actually, I'm going to share several.

But most importantly, this one -

Here's some statistics shared by Rehabs.com about Americans and their pandemic shopping habits -


I mean, personally, I'm incredibly guilty of what I like to call "retail therapy". Here's how it works -

  1. Feel sad/bad/bored/any bad pandemic related emotion
  2. Buy things
  3. Feel better

It's that easy! It's not a sure fire fix, and it's not always an option to shop. But I know for me, if I'm feeling bad, a trip to target cheers me up. Apparently I'm not alone. A new survey showed just how many of us in Illinois are emotional spenders.

Well, according to Rehabs.com -

50% of Illinois residents admit to being emotional spenders.

So what state has the highest and lowest percent of emotional spenders?

West Virginia is home to the most emotional shoppers coming in at 80%. Then there's New Hampshire. Apparently they're doing fine over there because only 20% of them are emotional spenders.

I'm confused how any state has less than 50% when Amazon Prime exists. Seriously, emotional spending during the pandemic became TOO easy when you want something and can have it at your door the next day.

Anyways, I'm going to Target later, anyone want anything? I think I'm going to go for one thing and leave with a whole new living room.


Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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