The online betting website Bovada has released their preseason odds on individual baseball awards for the 2018 season and Cubs players are all over the list. 

Let's first take a look at the list for NL MVP:

  • Kris Bryant - 4/1
  • Anthony Rizzo - 18/1
  • Kyle Schwarber - 100/1

Those are the three Cubs listed for MVP. The only player to have better odds for MVP than Bryant is his future teammate (probably) and current National Bryce Harper at 3/1. One player for the Cubs that isn't even listed is Willson Contreras, who I think has a better shot at MVP than Schwarber.

Now let's take a look at the Cubs you can bet on to be the regular season home run leader:

  • Kris Bryant - 30/1
  • Anthony Rizzo - 50/1
  • Kyle Schwarber - 50/1

I wouldn't take any action on Bryant or Rizzo here, they hit for power but I don't see them ever leading the league in bombs. But Schwarber? 50/1? That's worth a little risk. Also, note that Contreras is missing from this list. All he's done in Spring Training is blast balls out of the park.

Unsurprisingly, the list of pitchers to win the Cy Young is littered with North Siders with 4 of them making the list.

  • Yu Darvish - 20/1
  • Jon Lester - 30/1
  • Jose Quintana - 35/1
  • Kyle Hendricks - 60/1

KYLE HENDRICKS is 60 to 1 to win the Cy Young?!?!? He might be the best pitcher on the staff.

If you want to take a complete look at the list you can look at it here. Las Vegas is proving what everyone around here already knew. It's good to be a Cubs fan.

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