Are Blackhawk fans reading into this interaction a little too much?

First of all, I am a casual hockey fan at best. I pay attention during the playoffs, but other than that, hockey is pretty far off my radar. What I do pay attention to are all the Blackhawk fans that are in my Twitter feed and according to them, this was an intentional snub.

The Hawks were eliminated from the 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs after losing to the Vegas Golden Knights on Tuesday night. The above video was taken while all the Blackhawk players were commiserating with each other after the loss, shaking hands and basically consoling each other. Then new head coach, Jeremy Colliton crossed paths with captain Jonathan Toews and Toews just walks right past him.

Toews (and many other Blackhawks) were reportedly not very happy with either (former Blackhawks coach and owner of 3 Blackhawk Stanley Cup rings) Joel Quenneville being fired or unproven, first-time coach Jeremy Colliton taking his place.

The timetable for the 2021 NHL season is yet to be determined but you might be able to add Toews name to the growing list of Blackhawk fans that want to see another change at the head coach position.


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