You'd be forgiven if you happened to miss the Blackhawks game Monday night, they haven't been a team worth paying much attention to lately.

Blackhawk fans would even be excused from filtering out any Blackhawks news they hear from their consumption. There haven't been many good Blackhawk stories over the last 6 months.

First it was the team settling an agreement with Kyle Beach. Beach was a young player for the Blackhawks during the Stanley Cup years and was sexually assaulted by the training staff.

This was a horrible story that seeming got worse by the week. Then when things started to spiral out of control, the organization held a Town Hall with media present. At this Town Hall, the owner of the team Rocky Wirtz lashed out at a reporter that brought it up, undoing what little good the Blackhawks had managed to wrangle together.

The greatest hockey player ever said he wouldn't let his kid play for the Blackhawks under current management.

The last vestiges of the winning years seem to be on their way out the door. The LEGO guy straight up asked Patrick Kane who would be traded first, Toews or Kane.

And on top of all that, they are pretty bad at hockey.

Joe Dredge
Joe Dredge

They have the third lowest point total in their conference and are only beating a first year expansion team and the Phoenix Coyotes who might have the most apathetic fan base in all of professional sports.

Then last night happened.

The Blackhawks took on the Buffalo Sabers and started off hot. The Hawks had a 4-0 lead and were feeling a little cocky on Twitter.


The game heads to overtime and it looks like the Hawks are going to hang on and force a shootout when this happens with 10 seconds left.

A Hail Mary broken stick slap shot sails wide right by about 10 feet, bounces off the boards, the off the goalie's skate and in the goal for the legendary loss.

It's really a remarkable achievement. The Sabres had never rallied back from a 4-0 deficit since 1989. Truly a legendary loss.

The Blackhawks have lost in the playoffs and played some absolute stinkers, but considering the situation, it's hard to argue that the organization has ever been at a lower point in its long history.

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