Dillinger's nephew, Michael C. Thompson, has said he has evidence Dillinger's body may not be buried there.

Not only that, but Thompson says John Dillinger may not have been the man FBI agents fatally shot outside a Chicago theater on July 22, 1934.

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Is this the same man?

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The exhumation permit approved Thursday by the Indiana Department of Health was being sought by Dillinger nephew Michael Thompson, who believes the grave holds the remains of a person who is not his uncle. A previous permit application had a wrong date requiring Thompson to refile, Fox 59 Indianapolis reported Friday.

The History Channel wanted to film the exhumation for a documentary but has ditched those plans, leaving Thompson to proceed on his own, the station reported. Crown Hill Cemetery opposes opening the grave. Thompson has filed a lawsuit challenging that opposition.

The FBI says Dillinger was buried in Indiana after agents gunned him down in 1934 outside a Chicago movie theater showing Clark Gable’s “Manhattan Melodrama.”

Those who believe otherwise are peddling "a conspiracy theory," it says.