Sometime in the future, when this whole COVID-19 thing is behind us, the toilet paper hoarders out there will still have us scratching our collective heads.

If there's one thing that leading health authorities have made clear, it's that the coronavirus doesn't bring on explosive diarrhea. However, lots of people seem to have missed that part of the message.

Toilet paper hoarding around the country has hit record levels.

In a world where many are saying "someone should do something about this," an Oshkosh, Wisconsin pizza place is trying to do something about this.

ZaRonis in Oshkosh, Wisconsin posted on its Facebook page that they not only had toilet paper, but were willing to sell it.

ZaRonis owner Joe Doenel said that when they started the sale on Friday, the very first customer that came in tried to order a case. "That's why we have to sell toilet paper to begin with," he said, referencing the recent news of customers stockpiling toilet paper, causing widespread shortages.

In regards to the price, Doenel isn't trying to get rich. At $3.25 for a four pack of Angel Soft, he's only slightly marked up the price in order to cover the extra work his employees have to do.

He also confirmed that while some customers have tried to order extra rolls by creating multiple orders through the restaurant's website, most have been respectful.

Doenel explained that this is just one of several things that his restaurant is doing to help its community, including organizing an event to drive supplies to a local senior center and working out plans to keep kids fed if school's close.

"If you can't be part of your community, then you're in business for the wrong reasons," he said.


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