The efforts by Dillinger's nephew to exhume the body of the famous public enemy have been hampered by lack of cooperation from authorities, and now, a lawsuit.

John Dillinger's nephew, Michael Thompson, has said he has evidence Dillinger’s body may not be buried in the Indiana grave bearing his name, and he may not have been the man FBI agents fatally shot outside a Chicago theater in on July 22, 1934.

Earlier in the year, Indiana officials approved a new permit to exhume his Indianapolis grave site on September 16th, but that exhumation did not occur after Crown Hill Cemetery officials objected to the exhumation.

Another permit was granted, putting the exhumation date on December 31st of this year, but that may be put on hold as Crown Hill Cemetery is in court this morning trying to get a lawsuit by Thompson dismissed.

A judge will hear an Indianapolis cemetery’s bid to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a relative of 1930s gangster John Dillinger who wants to exhume Dillinger’s gravesite to determine if the notorious criminal is actually buried there.

A Marion County judge scheduled a Wednesday hearing to consider Crown Hill Cemetery’s motion to dismiss Michael Thompson’s lawsuit.

Thompson, who’s Dillinger’s nephew, wants to proceed with a Dec. 31 exhumation.


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