Back in 1962, Richard Nixon, after losing to Pat Brown in California's gubernatorial election, uttered the famous quote "you don't have Nixon to kick around any more, because, gentlemen, this is my last press conference."

((Warning: Spoiler Ahead))

They still found plenty of reasons to kick him around, and it was far from being his last press conference. It was about another 14 years before his last press conference, if memory serves.

Out Of Prison And Back Into Office?

When last we left off with the former governor, he had been released from a Colorado prison after having his sentence commuted by former President Donald Trump. Blagojevich had served over 7 years of his 14-year prison sentence after finding himself convicted for trying to sell a Senate seat that had once been held by Barack Obama.

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One of the many indignities Blagojevich incurred after being removed from office by the General Assembly in 2009 was being banned (or barred) from ever running for political office in Illinois again. When he was arrested, Blagojevich had his license to practice law suspended, and in May of last year he was disbarred by the Illinois Supreme Court.

Does Blagojevich Want To Be Governor Again?

While it seems as though he doesn't have much interest in regaining his law license, maybe he does harbor thoughts of being Illinois' chief executive again. Or maybe he wants to be a state rep or state senator. He's not barred from running for federal office.

NBC-5 Chicago:

In a federal civil rights complaint, Blagojevich, now 64, declared what happened to him was unconstitutional, because he was denied the right to call witnesses and to cross-examine the government's witnesses. The governor also claimed he was denied the right to present evidence, especially certain undercover tapes. And as a result, according to the court filings, people have been denied the right to vote (for him).

"It's about the people's right to make the choice, not a bunch of politicians," the former governor said Monday.


Maybe A Makeover Would Help

If Blagojevich does end up on the winning side this time, he has a choice to make. Does he go with his current "silver fox" look like this:

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Or does he grab himself a big jug of "Just For Men" and go back to the old school Rod Blagojevich:

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