Got a slow Apple iPhone? Want to get paid for it?

Well, you can, but you better work quickly. Tuesday, October 6 is the last day to get a piece of the $500 million Apple settlement with consumers after admitting they had been slowing down phones.

That shady business practice means you could score some dough but you have to file a claim first. Here's why.

The company says it did so to protect phones with older batteries. Many owners believe it was a ploy to nudge them to buy newer, faster models.

It doesn't matter who you believe in this one, you'll get a chance to grab up to $25 if you owned an Apple iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, SE, 7, or 7 Plus.

It can get a bit tricky because you'll have to find the phone's serial number in order to process your claim quickly.

However, if you know your Apple ID you can follow the prompts and if you can remember which device you used to own back then, it's much easier.

I filed my claim in just a few seconds by using my Apple ID, and I'm all set. Can't wait to get my $25.

File your claim HERE.

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