Waukesha Metro Transit bus driver Nicole Chamberlain truly saved the day--and a couple of lives.

Nicole was driving her route for Waukesha Metro Transit Monday around 8am when she spotted a boy wearing just a T-shirt and pants along with a girl wearing just a T-shirt and a diaper.

"No one had a coat on," Chamberlain told FOX6 on Tuesday. "It was snowing, and it was windy, and these were tiny little kids." The boy and girl, ages 6 and 2, had wandered away with wind chills in the area just 3 degrees Fahrenheit when Chamberlain spotted them. Surveillance video from inside the bus released by the Waukesha Police Department shows Chamberlain taking off her coat to use it to warm up the children.

"It's OK, honey — we're gonna figure it out," Chamberlain could be heard saying on the video. "You're nice and warm on the bus."


Nicole is an angel, and deserves a pay-raise.

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