Hero Firefighter Carries Dog to Safety
Another day, another reason to love and admire firefighters. This time, however, there weren't any flames to deal with, just extreme heat, a cliff, and a terrified Vizsla named Rue.
Rue escaped his Salt Lake City backyard after being frightened by fireworks, and found himself injured, dehydrated…
UPS Driver Saves Man Who Jumped Into Rock River
ROCKFORD, Ill. (AP) — Authorities are praising the heroism of a UPS driver who risked his life to rescue a man who jumped into a river in Illinois.
When 40-year-old Jeff Hermanson of Rockford saw the man in the Rock River Tuesday, he parked his truck along a riverbank and jumped in...
Hero Mom Becomes Speed Bump to Save Kids [Video]
For every horrible story we hear about a parent going over the edge (the recent mom-drives-van-with-children-into-the-ocean story comes to mind), there are hundreds and hundreds of stories each year involving moms and dads who, without hesitation, throw themselves in harm's way to protect their…

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