Regardless of what happened in this last offseason, Jake sounds like he'll be a Cub for life. 

After the 2017 season, Arrieta's contract was up and he became a free agent. Jake went out and tested the market and found a team in Philadelphia that was going to pay him more than the Cubs would. I NEVER fault a guy for going out and making as much money as he can.

Sitting where they are now, I'm sure the Cubs and Arrieta might wish that they could have come to an agreement. The Cubs wound up signing Yu Darvish, a big get at the time, but Yu has yet to pitch like he has in the past. Conversely, Arrieta has caused a bit of commotion in Philadelphia this past weekend. The Phillies were swept and Arrieta vented some frustration afterward saying that the series was "horse#$*!" and the team isn't playing up to potential. This is just Jake being Jake. The dude says his mind.

All those hard feelings aside, this video has to give any Cubs fan a hint of goosebumps. You could tell that the 2016 World Series team really liked each other and truly enjoyed bringing a title to the city of Chicago and fans all over the world.

Unfortunately, Arrieta will not be pitching against the Cubs at Wrigley. I can only imagine the standing ovation the Friendly Confines would give to the former Cy Young winner.

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