As I sit in front of my keyboard, The Chicago Cubs are sitting pretty in the National League Central Division with a 71-41 record, and a 12-game lead over the St. Louis Cardinals. When you've been a Cubs fan for over 50 years like I have, it hasn't been this much fun in ages.

For the past two seasons, the Cubs have been what some call "appointment TV," meaning that you actually make plans to sit down and catch the Cubs game on TV, instead of happening onto a game that you had forgotten they'd be playing. Previous seasons made it pretty easy to avoid a Cubs commitment, but not anymore. People are avoiding making plans on game nights, and if they have to go out, they've got at least one eye on their smartphones at all times.

My son Spencer, who just started a new job that has taken him to Europe for the next 6 months, confessed that he hated how his "dream job" is taking him away from his beloved Cubs. After a month on the job, he loves what he's doing, but it's driving him crazy that he's missing what could be The Year.

I know that he does have internet access from time to time, so this video is for him, and for you, too--in case life has gotten in the way of your Cubs game watching.

Let's take a look at every home run the Chicago Cubs hit in the month of July:

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