Bear fans have been refreshing their social media feeds all day. 

The 2020 Bears season is mercifully over. It was a weird season, and not just because it was held during a pandemic. It was weird just through the prism of football.

When the Bears entered the season it was the final test for GM Ryan Pace, head coach Matt Nagy, and starting quarterback Mitch Trubisky. It was the 5th year for Pace, while Nagy and Trubisky were both entering year three with the franchise. Success and they would probably stay, another disappointing season and the consensus was that at least one of them would be gone.

The Bears 5-1 record after 6 games seemed to be at odds with what fans were seeing on the field. Trubisky had been benched for Nick Foles and the Bears seemed to be winning is spite of themselves. Then the 6-game losing streak happened and fans were predicting a firing before the season was even over. A few late-season wins over struggling teams combined with other lucky results around the league put the Bears back in the playoffs.

Was that going to be enough to save everyone's job? Maybe. But another embarrassment on national television in the playoffs would probably force management's hand into making a move.

Then Sunday's playoff game against the Saints happened. A few highlights from that game:

Missed opportunities combined with undisciplined mental errors all point to bad coaching and more importantly a bad culture. It should be noted that Trubisky mentioned the team's culture when talking about the season.

Things need to change within the Bears organization and it starts with Ryan Pace. Maybe you keep Nagy on and let the new GM make the coaching decision. I'm fine with that. Maybe you don't make a decision quite yet on Trubisky for the same reason. But the fish rots from the head down and the Bears desperately need a new head.

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