In an American political tradition as long-standing as gearing up for a re-election bid, Illinois' two senators, Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk have made "gentleman's wagers" on the World Series with Ohio's two senators, (R) Rob Portman, and (D) Sherrod Brown.

Say what you will, but I liked these bets between politicians much better when there were more items up for grabs to the winning politician. The New York Times claims these sorts of bets began in the early part of the last century, but have now become a standard during championship games and series.

According to Food and Wine, here are a few notable food bets from the past:

2010 NFC Championship
New Orleans Saints vs. Minnestoa Vikings
Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota vowed to cook gumbo and deliver it to Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana if the Saints won—while wearing a Drew Brees jersey, no less. If the Vikings won, Landrieu promised to cook a wild rice casserole and deliver it to Klobuchar’s office in a Brett Favre jersey.

1999 Super Bowl
Atlanta Falcons vs. Denver Broncos
Greeley, Colorado Mayor Vern Nelson had faith in his Broncos. He wagered six disposable cameras, ten T-bone steaks and five pounds of Rocky Mountain oysters (bull testicles) against Suwannee, Georgia Mayor Chris Yoder’s seven dozen custom golf balls.

2008 Stanley Cup
Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Detroit Red Wings
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick offered to send over Motor City specialties like Little Cesar’s Pizza Kits and Faygo Pop. Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, in return, said he would send Primanti Brothers sandwiches (famed for containing french fries), Heinz ketchup and an octopus.


So what kind of exciting wagers did our senators come up with? Well, I can tell you that there wil be some drinking involved for the winner.

Mark Kirk and Rob Portman, both Republicans: Kirk betting a case of Goose Island 312. Portman wagering a case of Great Lakes Octoberfest beer from Cleveland’s Great Lakes Brewing Company.

Dick Durbin and Sherrod Brown, both Democrats: Durbin will deliver beer from Chicago’s Goose Island Brewery to Brown’s office if the Indians win. Brown will bring beer to Durbin’s office from Cleveland’s Platform Brewing Company if the Cubs win.

Okay, that's fine. You guys wanna wager some beer. How exciting and interesting. At least in Great Britain, they make it a little more intriguing. They bet things like...their own pants:

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