Ohio Church Makes Delivery Person’s Day
I remember reading about this wonderful random act of kindness by a church in Pickerington, Ohio, a few weeks back, but I just got a look at the video that goes with it.
In case you didn't see the story, here's some background from USA Today:
A Domino's driver was left in tears when an …
You Gotta See This Massive Hornet Nest In Ohio [VIDEO]
Last summer we had the misfortune of hosting a family of yellow jackets. In our backyard. On our deck. Inside the overhang of our roof. The entrance point for the yellow jackets was right in front of our kitchen window, so we had the opportunity to see them operate up close and personal...
Judge Sentences Woman to Walk 30 Miles
You've gotta love Lake County, Ohio, Judge Michael Cicconetti. He runs a tight ship, with a wildly creative streak.
Known for his innovative sentencing, Judge Cicconetti believes that there are ways other than incarceration to impose justice and teach a lesson at the same time...