If you were stumbling around Bloomington, Illinois with a massive bucket full of weed over Halloween weekend, good news, the police found your stash.

This might be the first time that actual marijuana was found in a trick-or-treat bucket and it wasn't from some ne'er do well trying to pass off a funky bag of Sour Patch Kids.


This was a young man (I'm assuming young man. It's always a young man stumbling around Bloomington) that was just walking around with a massive amount of pot, that lost track of it during the night.

It's happened to all of us. Stumbling around the street on Halloween with a couple thousand dollars worth of pot in a Halloween bucket. You set it down, probably to pee, it's dark outside and you just leave your stash right next to the tree you used as a urinal.

Tale as old as time.

The Bloomington police eventually found the bucket of drugs and put up a Facebook post looking for the original owner.

From the post:

We found your missing bucket, with approximately 383 grams of cannabis... we were surprised you were so honest the night before telling a stranger about your "treat", we like honesty. Unfortunately, we had to seize your missing/lost property and placed it into a BPD evidence locker.

You might be thinking to yourself, is this a crime? Isn't weed legal to own and use in Illinois? You're kind of right. The Bloomington Police cleared that up.

Illinois allows a resident who is 21 years or older to possess up to 30 grams of marijuana - NOT 380+ grams of cannabis, in a bucket, while walking around intoxicated. Just wanted to let you know that.... before we reunite.

For you squares out there that don't know much about drugs, 383 grams is 13.5 ounces, or just shy of a pound of weed. Literal Cheech and Chong type numbers. That weed was supposed to go somewhere and it didn't. Something tells me that this person might be in trouble with more people than just the law.

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