It must be Halloween season because I just saw the first news story about a kid "accidently" given edibles at a Halloween event.

I, personally, am of the firm belief that this has never actually happened and if it DID actually happen, there can't be more than 4 honest cases of it nationwide over the last 20 years.

I'll get into the reasons why (I mean, just think about it for a second) in a bit, but let's take a look at the latest 5-year-old who came home with a trick-or-treat bag filled with more than just sugar.

This story takes us down to the St. Louis area in suburban Missouri, where a woman found a package of "Delta 8" gummies in her child's bag after they got home.


Tiffany Burroughs is the mother's name and she found the goofy gummies after her three children attended a Trunk-or-Treat event at a local restaurant that hosts monthly car shows.

Burroughs said she noticed an unusual package of gummy worms in a candy bowl but didn't think much about it until she inspected the children's candy at home.

The package was labeled as "Delta 8" which is a cannabinoid found in the Sativa plant.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a parent and don't know how a parent should/would act in certain situations.

HOWEVER, I do believe that if I was taking my 5 year-old child around to sample bowls of candy from strangers and one of these strangers had something "weird" sitting in their bowl, I would inspect it right there on site, not let my kid walk around with it and wait to check it when we got home.

I don't think I'm taking crazy pills here.

And most importantly, for the people in the back that haven't thought about this yet. Drug dealers and drug users, do not want to give away their drugs for free to children. It is quite possibly the stupidest crime you could commit.

What is the upside for anyone to do this? You get some kids high later that night, or even weeks in the future, and you don't know anything about it? I mean, just look at this from the angle of someone who WANTS to harm kids, that's not how they would do it.

Of course, check your kid's Halloween stash, but stop blaming the neighbor down the street when your wife asks where your child got the weed gummies. You probably just left them out the night before and don't want to get in trouble.

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