South Carolina Republican Rep. Nancy Mace has introduced legislation that would decriminalize marijuana at a federal level.

If a bill like this passes, it wouldn't mean that marijuana would be legal everywhere in the United States. It would just mean that the states could decide for themselves without the specter of breaking federal law looming over their heads.

While dispensaries are popping up all over Illinois (and directly on the Wisconsin border) they technically are doing illegal activity in the eyes of the government, it's just not enforced. The federal government could presumably step in at any point and shut down pot sellers in states that have legalized it but don't see it being worth the trouble.

The threat of federal troubles aren't the only thing holding back local dispensaries, they also have trouble finding banks to work with them because of the federal regulations. It's why many businesses were only accepting cash when they first opened up and making nightly deposits.

If Mace's bill were to pass, and it has a LOT of hoops to jump through, before that happens, marijuana would be regulated just like alcohol is now and wouldn't be available to anyone under the age of 21.

Approval to this type of bill has never been higher so it's probably only a matter of time.

AP - American support for marijuana legalization has grown, underscoring a national shift as more states have embraced cannabis for medical or recreational use. According to a Gallup survey conducted earlier this year, more than two in three Americans supported legalizing marijuana, maintaining a record-high reached a year earlier.

Currently 36 states allow medical cannabis use and 18 of those allow recreational use. Wisconsin does not allow either. The Wisconsin government has to see the people spill over the border from towns like Beloit into the neighboring state to spend money on marijuana. Will this be what pushes them towards the 21st century of marijuana sales?

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