Margaritas are a delicious and dangerous drink that many love, myself included. If you're like me and looking for some of the best spots to get one, Rockford is home to some amazing restaurants that serve them.

I'm normally a wine girl, but every once in a while I love a good margarita. To me, they're just a fun drink to enjoy with people and have some laughs. Not to mention, having some delicious Mexican food to go with it will always be a win for me.

3 of the Best Spots in Rockford, Illinois for Margaritas

Mexico Classico - 3929 Broadway, Rockford, IL 61108

One of my coworkers RAVES about this place. It's his absolute go-to and he's been hyping it up ever since I've been here. These margs look amazing, but I think one this size would have me rolling on the floor hahaha! Might have to opt for one a little smaller, but they look great!

Lucha Cantina - 1641 N. Alpine Rd, Rockford, IL 61107

OK... this looks amazing too! I've always wanted to try a spicy margarita, but I haven't gotten to it yet. I love how they call them Lucharitas too hahaha! This place comes up a lot when I talk with people, so it's a restaurant a lot of people in my circle stand by. Can't wait to try it out!

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Fiesta Cancun - 631 Highgrove Pl (Fincham Dr.,) Rockford, IL 61108

I've been inside this place for work, I haven't eaten here yet. But what I can say is how good the food smelled! Their social media is also pretty fun, and I love places with personality! Also, that marg looks AH-MA-ZING!!

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If you have any more recommendations, let me know! I love checking out overlooked spots! Also, speaking of Mexican food, here are some spots I found with some amazing tacos for you to enjoy. Check it out!

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Best Margaritas in Illinois

Restaurants and Bars in the Rockford, Illinois area that serve Margaritas.

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