Another hazing scandal has hit an Illinois school. 

Niles North has suspended their football program indefinitely after reports of a hazing incident over the weekend. Their principal released this statement yesterday:

ChicagoTribune - Over the weekend, school officials took immediate action based on the reports received. The school immediately notified the Skokie Police Department, and Niles North is working in conjuction with Skokie Police during theis investigation. Because this is a matter under investigation, Niles North will suspend its Varsity Football operations until further notice.

If reports are accurate that the school has acted this quick to address a hazing incident, it's a breath of fresh air. We're just coming off a story about Wheaton College football players being involved in a hazing incident where a student required surgery to repair torn shoulder muscles. Wheaton knew about the allegations for over a year before doing anything about it, apparently to try to save face.

This is happening way too often. Athletic directors need to be held responsible. They need to tell their coaching staff that if any incident like this happens on their watch, they will be immediately relieved of their duties.

Hopefully, some will learn by what's happening in Skokie this week. It's sad that we needed to take a season away from many for the actions of a few but until that culture is dismantled, harsh penalties will be the only discourse.

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