That might not be a bad slogan to use to draw fishermen (and women) to the waterways here in the Land of Lincoln to do some fishing, and spending of their tourism dollars. It doesn't hurt to have a guy in Carbondale with video proof that it happens, either.

YouTuber Water Hopper Ryan posted a video of himself out fishing in his kayak near Carbondale earlier this month. First, he encounters a fish he calls "some sort of hybrid," then comes the encounter with the crappie that just doesn't want to go back to river life.

Possible new slogans for fishing in Illinois could include:

  • "Come fishing in Illinois! All you'll need is your lap!"
  • "You won't need a pole at our fishing holes!"
  • "You call 'em crappies, we call 'em hoppies!"
  • "Illinois fishing. There's a big difference between crappie and crappy."

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