Greatest YouTube Channel Combines Trumpeting and Guns
I'm not sure we'll find anything that tops this.
You must check out the Greatest YouTube Channel Ever from a guy named Charlie Cook. He describes it thusly:
This is Charlie Cook's Personal Shooting Instruction YouTube page. We cover firearms safety, responsible use of firearms and &apos…
Don't Believe Everything You Click [video]
Having two highly savvy internet surfers as children keeps me fairly well plugged-in to the latest and/or greatest stuff flying around online. These two usually already know about a video or photo or song long before it goes viral.
And, really, "going viral" is what it's all ab…
Riley & Scot Look Ahead
Fresh off of yesterday's post on how to make big money on YouTube, Scot and I thought we'd grab some bandwidth and give you a preview of what's coming up the rest of the week.
Based upon the video itself, experts determined that we should easily clear around 9 dollars...

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