This shot happened over the weekend. It's only January but this could end up being the play of the year. 

This was one of those sport moments where had it been in a movie it would have been too unbelievable. This is why we watch and play sports and it sounds like it couldn't have happened to a better kid.

The shooter in question is Blake Peters. Blake even got a nice write-up in the Chicago Tribune which you can read here. The Evanston FRESHMAN is a legitimate talent and will most likely be continuing his basketball career in college after high school. I don't think I would have handled having the national spotlight on me now in my late 30s, let alone as a high school freshman who just recently went through puberty. But Blake seems to be taking everything in stride. I think he's going to turn out to be a fine young man.

The one thing that I'd like to highlight from the video is what can only be described as the agony of defeat. Take a look at the poor kid who missed the free throw to make this all possible.


He can't even look. Ball hasn't even gone through yet and he knows that karma is going to find a way to make him pay for that missed free throw. That's a special kind of agony that I hope I never have to feel.

Congrats to Blake. Enjoy your time in the spotlight and have fun at the ESPYs later this year where you should get the buzzer beater of the year award.

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