IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderson joined the show to talk about the immediate future of high school basketball in the state of Illinois. 

Earlier this week, Governor Pritzker announced that basketball would be elevated from medium-risk to high-risk, which meant that it could not be played during the winter season.

A day later the IHSA held an originally scheduled meeting to announce their stance on when Illinois high schools could begin their basketball season. Here is a bit of it:

IHSA.org - The Illinois High School Association Board of Directors made the decision today to continue with the IHSA basketball season as scheduled in 2020-21. In August, the Board slated basketball to take place from November to February based on the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) assigning a medium risk level to the sport. The IHSA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee (SMAC) offered additional mitigations, such as masks during play and social distancing on benches, that the SMAC believed would allow basketball to be played safely.

Listen above to Mr. Anderson explaining the thought process and where schools will go from here.


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