Don't you hate it when your set out to do you pile of laundry and you realize you have no fabric softener?

Ugh! that's the worst. Do you suffer with scratchy and static filled clothes? Yuck!

Here's a helpful tip, to show you how to use aluminum foil in place of it and find out "Does this work?"


I may be weird but laundry is task that I love to do. It's mindless, but it has an order to it, and it smells it good too.

It's happened tome more than once that I reach for either the liquid softener or a dryer sheet only to find I have none.

I read you can use aluminum foil in the dryer.

So does it work?

Here's the video. Roll that video footage...


I can say I was mildly surprised at what the aluminum foil could do for my laundry.

Personally, I like the downy smell but it does work in a pinch if you need something quick.



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