I don't think many of us really gave a whole lot of thought to the airline practice of "bumping" until the videos of a battered and bleeding man being dragged off an airplane began being played around the clock on nearly every outlet on the planet.

I guess all it takes is a little blood, a lot of angst, and a viral video to get our attention, because by now, most everyone's familiar with "bumping," although we're not really sure how the selections are made, or how to avoid being selected for being bumped.

When the news about the United passenger being roughed up and dragged out first broke, Joe Dredge and I got several emails on the WROK Morning Show from alert listeners who are in the airline business, or have family members in it. They listed some of the things that go into the process, and even pointed out that there are things you can do to avoid having it happen to you.

Thanks to alert listener Barbara, who sent me a link to a video that may help you figure things out. Business Insider spent some time with flight attendant Celessa Dietzel, who broke down the reasons you might find yourself asked to leave the friendly skies:

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