Scot and I mentioned earlier this morning that the world's oldest man, Sakari Momoi, passed away Sunday, in Japan, at the ripe old age of 112 (see Scot's post on him here). As always, there's a slightly younger person all set to take the title, albeit just for a short while.

The world's oldest living person is an American woman from Brooklyn. Her name is Susannah Mushatt Jones, and she's 116. She partially credits her diet of bacon and eggs each morning for the last 100 years for her longevity. She also says she's never smoked and never taken a drink (I'm assuming she means booze, otherwise she'd be fairly dehydrated by this point).

I've often said that if I should reach that sort of age milestone, I would screw with people who asked me what the secret is. I plan on saying things like "I eat a handful of mulch every day at noon," or "I start every Tuesday by chugging 3 pints of Guinness Stout."

The video below endeavors to find out the secrets to living up to and beyond 100 years, and from what I've been able to tell, there's not one mulch-eating-stout-chugger amongst them:

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