We have all made jokes about "crazy cat people" and people with so many in pets inside their home that it could be considered a farm or petting zoo but did you know there are actually laws in place for how many can live in your home? It's true.

I did not grow up in a home with a lot of pets, more of my childhood life involved two cats and a dog. I had friends who seemingly had a million cats and multiple dogs. Typical country living through, right? What I learned today, though, is there are limitations on how many pets you can in your home. In this instance, let's focus on dogs.

Herre's what I found what doing a simple Google search:

No person shall own, harbor, keep, or have custody of more than two dogs over the age of six months old on their property without having first secured a private kennel license as required herein. (City of Rockford)

On good 'ole Reddit, I came across this topic as well. Though the validity is unconfirmed (a.k.a I could find an ordinance to back it up) u/gamenut89 claims to have worked at Rockford's code enforcement department.

You can have up to 4.

Source: Used to work in the code enforcement department.

Interestingly, the Village of Rockton has a specific ordinance clearly defined, as shared in a 2018 news story by WIFR.

Rockton has an ordinance that sets the maximum amount of domestic animals per household at five.

Five seems like a good maximum number unless it's all of the same kind of animal... then it's just chaos.

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