You may or may not have heard that the Cubs won the World Series last year. It was kind of a big deal. 

One of the things that usually makes me groan and roll my eyes are stupid "city" bets for major championships. They're normally made between two mayors and the loser has to send a local "delicacy" to the winner. This time was a little different and A LOT better.

When the Cubs played the Indians last year the two major amusement parks from Chicago and Cleveland, Great America and Cedar Point, made their own little wager. The losing city had to rename a ride after the winning team. Here's a video of them laying down the rules.

The crew at Cedar Point also made the previous video of their employees lip syncing to Go Cubs Go. They all look VERY dejected through the whole thing. It's excellent.

As far as the ride? Looks pretty good. Marcus Leshock from WGN took a ride on the branded Top Thrill Cubster. It goes from 0-120 in four seconds if that's something that interests you.

WOW. If you haven't made the trek to Cedar Point I highly recommend it. Some of the best coasters in the world. Go Cubs Go indeed!

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