You've got to hand it to the marketing department of the Chicago Cubs. As if selling individual ivy leaves from the outfield walls at $200 a piece, plus $15 for shipping weren't enough, now you can break the bank buying dad the ultimate in Cubs fan timepieces.

Back in the day, you could get away with giving your dad an ugly tie (that he pays for) on Father's Day, but not anymore it seems. You've got to go high-tech, and/or high price--if you believe the Father's Day marketing machines out there.

Well, here's your chance to combine old-school with high tech and high price tag. It's the Original Grain THE WRIGLEY FIELD™ CHRONO LIMITED EDITION SWISS QUARTZ watch.

What makes it so special? Glad you asked. Some of the particulars of this watch:

  • Made with Reclaimed Wrigley Field™ Wooden Seats (Authentic Wood)
  • Only 2,016 Limited Edition Timepieces
  • Swiss Ronda 5020 ETA Quartz Movement
  • Premium Leather Band Included
  • Trophy Case Display

What would you pay for a fabulous limited-edition timepiece like this? But wait! There's more! Um...actually, there's not more (sorry, too many late night infomercials floating in my head). But shouldn't that be enough to make your dad happy until he deduces that he's paying for it?

One of these bad-boys could be yours for only $1,495.00:

Two quick things. One, I find it to be a really cool and beautiful watch. Secondly, and this is really just for my kids, Spencer and Molly:

Don't you dare. Unless you're paying.

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