The RACVB Has Some Helpful Hints for Stroll on State
Thanksgiving Day is this Thursday, and before you can finish off that mountain of leftovers, the 5th annual Stroll on State happens on Saturday--kicking off Rockford's holiday season. Whether you've been to Stroll on State before, or you're new to what's quickly becoming Rockford's favorite event, t…
Illinois Inventions That Changed the World
Having just returned from a trip to Washington, DC, I can tell you that you learn a lot about our nation's 16th president and Illinois' favorite son, Abraham Lincoln, just by walking around. The fact that Lincoln had a inventor's mind comes as news to some people.
Need Help Gift-Wrapping? Try This Out
It's that time of year that I frequently embarrass myself due to my complete lack of skill in the gift-wrapping department. As a matter of fact, my wife loves it when I wrap something because, in her words, "It's a little kid did it...