Full disclosure here: I live with a woman that I consider to be the greatest mom on the planet Earth. My wife Amy, in my opinion, is flawless in her execution of everything that goes into being a mom. Every single day.

That being said, I know that she would disagree with me (that's why I'm writing this without her in the room to tell me to change it). Like many, many mothers out there, she doubts herself at times. She second-guesses herself and her actions/reactions. I figure she wouldn't be as hard on herself if she didn't really care about what she was doing, but she does care, therefore she's going to be harder on herself than anyone.

So, this video is for her, and for all moms out there who do the very best that they can, day in and day out.

You really are the best, and your kids know it.

Happy Mothers Day.

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