The way we cared for each other changed a lot this year. And apparently some of the most caring cities in the United States are right here in Wisconsin and Illinois.

WalletHub just released a study of "The Most Caring Cities in The US". How do you determine something like this? According to the survey -

In order to identify the areas that care the most, WalletHub compared the 100 largest cities across 39 key indicators of a compassionate spirit. Our data set ranges from the share of sheltered homeless persons to volunteering hours per capita to the share of income donated to charity.

So what midwest cities made the list?

Madison, Wisconsin was almost number one on the list! And then Chicago also made the top 20. But Madison isn't the only Wisconsin city with good news on the list. Check out some more caring facts WalletHub shared -

Credit WalletHub
Credit WalletHub
Credit WalletHub

I think as a whole the country really came together this year to care for each other. Remember back in March/April when we all made that extra effort to look out for our neighbors and communities? I think that energy slowly got lost the longer the year went on.

But with the holidays in full swing and the end of the year near, we should bring that energy back. Take care of yourself, and take care of each other. You never know what somebody else is going through, especially this year.


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