Moms should definitely have margaritas this Mother's Day. And one Wisconsin Restaurant is making it easy to grab one or two or three this Sunday.

You know, Mother's Day and Cinco de Mayo are usually a little farther apart. Mother's Day is always the second Sunday of May, so since this year May started on a Sunday, it's coming quick! And you know Cinco de Mayo is always May 5th...

It's this Sunday in case you need a reminder...

And of course that means you might want to take your mom for some Mother's Day margaritas to celebrate a belated Cinco de Mayo.

truk't in Beloit, Wisconsin might have the perfect menu for you this Sunday.

They're open from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. and they're tempting all of us with a marg flight including the trio of strawberry, passionfruit and prickly pear.

I haven't had a margarita that looked like that in such a long time. I'll be by my mom in the suburbs on Sunday so I can't make it out, but I mean, there's a WHOLE lot of summer ahead of us so you know I'll find a way to get one of those flights in front of me.

I'm also gonna have to get over there for one of their summer bowls, they are delish.

Is your mom a margarita mom? Or would she rather have something else on Sunday? You know we'd love to hear from you anytime, just send us a message inside the 97ZOk app.

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