Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 14, and if you still haven't bought something special for your Mom, let me help you with some ideas she's guaranteed to love.

Flowers and jewelry are nice, but that's what everybody buys their Mom, right? Maybe you should switch things up a bit, and make this year's gift for Mom something personal and extra special.

Take it from this Mom, the perfect gift does not necessarily come with a huge price tag. Some Moms may like extravagant gifts, but as I think of my family and Mom friends, I can safely say every single one of them would prefer a gift tailored to her likes and interests instead of a lot of bling and flash.

Get Mom something to make her life easier. Give her a way to relax. Make her feel special and loved, spend quality time with her, that's all she really wants. That being said, here's some ideas to make this year's celebration extraordinary for Mom:

  1. Take her someplace she enjoys. Whether it be her favorite local restaurant or Rockford attraction, think about what Mom likes best. For me, it would be a walk along the Rock River on a beautiful Rockford day with my loves.
  2. Pay attention to her. We have spoke to several Moms who simply want their kids to stay off their phones and just enjoy the time together without distractions.
  3. Relieve her of daily responsibilities. For just one day take on some of mom's daily stresses. Send her to one of Rockford's premiere spas for a day of pampering while you cook, clean, run errands, etc.
  4. Make or buy her something personal. Here's the thing, most Moms do love cheesy gifts if they were made by someone she loves. Make or buy her something to cherish for years to come. If you're not crafty, and would rather pay someone to do the crafting for you, I suggest looking up Rockford area crafters on Some may still be able to create something for you before Mother's Day, but you better hop on it now.
  5. Surprise her with something she would never buy herself. Think of that one thing that Mom really loves, but refuses to splurge on. Maybe it's a spa day, tickets to a show or concert, piece of jewelry, or new toy for a hobby enjoys. Give her something that excites her and makes her happy.

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