Mother's Day

The Worst Movies of 2016
There were a lot of great movies in 2016. There were! Please don’t let this list convince you otherwise. The movies were absolutely wonderful this year. Just not these specific movies. These were bad. So, so, so bad. Just awful.
NBA Finals Causes Lockdown at Cook County Jail
It wasn't due to an escape, or even an escape attempt. It wasn't because of a riot or a massive fight in the cafeteria, either. The Cook County Jail recently experienced a lockdown because of the NBA Finals. It seems that over 300 guards (317, to be exact) called in "sick"…
Illinois Is the 6th Best State for Working Moms
Unfortunately, Illinois often finds itself around the bottom of good lists, and at or near the top of the bad lists. Sometimes, albeit rarely, we find a good list that Illinois actually holds a high position on. Today, we learn that Illinois is a pretty good state for working moms.
How to Lie Like a Mom
With Mother's Day coming up Sunday, I've been trying to share some different Mother's Day themed posts.
Yesterday, we took a look at what moms think of themselves and their parenting versus what their kids think. Bottom line: you are a much better mom than you think you are...
Here’s One for the Moms
Full disclosure here: I live with a woman that I consider to be the greatest mom on the planet Earth. My wife Amy, in my opinion, is flawless in her execution of everything that goes into being a mom. Every single day.
That being said, I know that she would disagree with me (that's why I'm …
Mom Would Love a MELD Mother’s Day Card
The 2015 MELD Mother’s Day Cards and Note Cards are available to purchase starting Thursday, April 9 at local businesses listed below. The feature this year are beautiful scenes of Bradley Nordlof Photography. The large card features a general verse, making the it…