A Mom Is Ticked at Target for One Small Change
Every single woman I know is involved in a deep love affair with Target, and has been for several years. Most of these ladies are also Moms who will totally understand why this Mom is absolutely pissed at Target. Why you ask? Target added one thing to their stores that has totally ruined her entire shopping experience, and she's not having it.
Feeling Harassed in Rockford? Take a Lesson from Lima, Peru
Most of us are familiar with the stereotype of a woman walking down a street, minding her own business, only to find herself the object of whistles, comments, and other forms of harassment by male construction workers and/or various other men she encounters. Maybe you've seen it here in Rockford.
Mom Hilariously Lip Syncs Daughter’s Tantrum
We just celebrated Mother's Day, and now you throw a tantrum? Yes. Exactly. California mom Jennifer Closson Aprea is the latest viral video star this morning after she recorded herself lip-syncing to her 4 year old daughter's screaming tantrum in the bathroom...
How to Lie Like a Mom
With Mother's Day coming up Sunday, I've been trying to share some different Mother's Day themed posts. Yesterday, we took a look at what moms think of themselves and their parenting versus what their kids think. Bottom line: you are a much better mom than you think you are...
Here’s One for the Moms
Full disclosure here: I live with a woman that I consider to be the greatest mom on the planet Earth. My wife Amy, in my opinion, is flawless in her execution of everything that goes into being a mom. Every single day. That being said, I know that she would disagree with me (that's why I'm writing this without her in the room to tell me to change it)...
It’s Not Easy Being a Mom
Earlier this week on The Riley & Scot Show, we talked about a new study that says getting the kids and herself ready to for school and work and the ensuing travel time is the most stressful time of the day for a mom. No surprise there. In t...

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